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Artist Residency Program

From April 2023 we welcome artists to take advantage of our studios and create work in a quiet, focused and engaging setting.

Our application guidelines and other residency information is listed below. 
To learn more about our studios and equipment, click here.

Residency Cost
We are working towards providing funds for artists participating in this program but, at this time, we can cannot provide any funds for applicants. The cost per week is 5000 NOK (7 days). 

What is included?

24/7 Studio access
Pick up from train station
Introductory training on equipment
Proofing papers, ink, sizing, pigments, PVA etc.

What is not included?

Residents are required to arrange for their own transport during their stay if required
Meals (there is a kitchen on the premises with basics available)
Additional materials costs incurred during the residency. (Ink usage over a certain amount, paper, fiber etc.)

Duration of Residency

Your residency can be anywhere between two- to eight-weeks. The studios can accommodate projects that include processes like Japanese, Nepalese Indo-Islamic or European papermaking, letterpress printing, bookbinding, photography, digital printing or any combination thereof.


We are currently reviewing applications for 2023. The application deadline for 2024 will be published here.

The application requirements might change slightly for our next deadline, but below you can find the application requirements for 2023.

  • Application form. Download here.

  • A complete resume 

  • A 350-word project description, including the media, studio needed, project details

  • Comprehensive timeline

  • Up to 10 images of recent work (digital specifications here), listing the title, medium, dimension, and date with each image.


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