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Print Studio

Our print studio is in a large open studio space and shares it's space with the paper studio on one end.
The studio consists of 3 flat bed proof presses, 2 of which are motorised, along with one Heidelberg. We have several cases of metal type, two polymer platemakers, one large drying rack, two galley cabinets, a large work table on wheels, and a board shear.

We are able to host groups of up to 12 people in this space, but workshops are limited to 6 participants.

Korrex Nüremberg I (adjustable bed)
Bed size: 14.7" x 19.6" or 37.5 x 50 cm

Paper size:  14.3" x 20.4" or 36.5 x 52 cm

Asbern AD-1 (not motorised)

Bed size: 15.7" x 17.3" or 40 x 44 cm

Paper size:  16" x 20.8" or 41 x 53 cm

Korrex Berlin

Bed size: 19.6" x 25.9" or 50 x 66 cm

Paper size:  19.2" x 24.6" or 49 x 62.5 cm

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